CLOUD - DESK TIDY - Fundamental.Berlin
CLOUD - DESK TIDY - Fundamental.Berlin
CLOUD - DESK TIDY - Fundamental.Berlin
CLOUD - DESK TIDY - Fundamental.Berlin


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A touch of glamour for your desk.

Give yourself, or a loved one, the gift of order.

The solid brass CLOUD desk tidy is the perfect spot for as yet unpaid bills, calling cards, a pen or two and some stamps, or whatever it is that is currently cluttering your desk.

The overlaying dot patterns give it a touch of the simmering 'moiré' effect, the solid brass gives it a pleasing heaviness despite its filigree appearance.

Made in Italy, it ships flat, and can be folded into shape in about 20 seconds, so you, or your loved one, won't have to be home to take the package.


20 x 6 x 6 cm


Shiny Brass


Made in Italy.

Why choose us?

designed by fundamental in berlin

gunnar and steve have been fascinated by mathematics, patterns and nature since we were children. making these designs and working out how to manufacture them as responsibly and affordably as possible has been our life's work.

a team effort

small, lean and passionately committed, our team designs specially for our manufacturers, who work in family owned operations. we believe in long term relationships. by buying FUNDAMENTAL you are supporting innovative, responsible design directly at the source. to thank you, our international team works hard to deliver you the best german design and quality.

made with care

handmade with traditional techniques, or precision engineered at high tech facilities, we mix the best of the new and the old to bring you timeless pieces to treasure for a lifetime.