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we made a list of guilt-free escapism for anyone confined to and all-too-familiar apartment. our intention in making this list was to select content that is vaguely improving but primarily delightful, and suitable for all the family. most of the content has been paid for by various public broadcasting corporations and is put on youtube as a gift to humanity.

play order:

1-13 - kenneth clark's civilisation. a very personal view of european cultural from a time before political correctness

14 - the minoans with bettany hughes. sunshine, intrigue and a very flirtatious (then) young presenter combine to make this pure viewing pleasure. hughes went on to have a considerable career in tv history after this utterly delightful series, though sadly she turned down the saucy frolicking somewhat as she aged.

15 - byzantium, a lost empire with john romer. an enthusiastic, nerdy look at the strange and beautiful world of byzantium, the eastern half of the roman empire, a world of golden dome and compelling icons.

16 - 27 rick steves' europe. follow charmingly normie and unpretentious seattle former piano tuner and father of 2 on a highly professional and well funded american public television tour of europe. this is just a tiny selection of his travels, he really leaves no stone unturned. - the list starts with iran, steves' definition of europe is similarly flexible to that of the eurovision song contest.

28 - 30 meet the romans with mary beard. now a twitter celebrity famous for destroying hapless alt-right mansplainers, mary beard was always a deeply respected british public intellectual, her infectious enthusiasm is eternally inspiring.

31 - 33 we return to bettany hughes as she shows us the world of sparta.


click on the link below for 40 hours of guilt free viewing pleasure.

if you are watching on a youtube enabled smart tv, you can search for fundamental berlin's youtube channel and go to playlists, where it is labelled YOUTUBE ESCAPE LIST.

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