a white, blank sheet of paper, frightening and exciting at the same time ...
fascination with white stretches from antiquity to the present day and probably finds its peak for artists and designers in fine stone materials such as porcelain and marble. this is also the case for our hero jam sutton, who deconstructs and reinterprets white marble busts and statues in his art.
very own manifesto to the colour white: our extremely white and matte MILK tableware collection. reduced to the most minimal shapes.


image of the artwork 'forms under tension' (staring into the abyss), 2020 © jam sutton

jam sutton is a british multidisciplinary visual artist born in 1986. exhibitions all over europe, publications in international media and clients such as steve aoki, ministry of sound or pharell williams marked his early career.

sutton explores the space between technology and antiquity:

"i want to create impressions of figures, casting a representation of my subject as a digital shell, cracked and imperfect by the passing of time and movement."

using 3d scanning, augmented reality, 3d printing of marble and artificial intelligence, jam sutton creates sculptures that explore the identity and representation of the body in our digital age.

his latest exhibition 'life inside the wires' is accessible to anyone, in the jam sutton studio app.

image of the artwork 'the life that grows inside the wires', 2022 © jam sutton 

image of the artwork 'torso' (life inside the wires), 2022 © jam sutton



this tableware is not vegan.

bone china is the highest grade of porcelain. In addition to kaolin, feldspar and quartz, bone china contains bone ash, whose high proportion of calcium oxide and calcium phosphate gives the porcelain its magical translucency and whiteness and hardness.

fine porcelain is a great example of finding a purpose for what is left and taking from nature just what you need.

this magic secret ingredient was a jealously guarded kept secret in china for centuries until it was stolen by europeans and produced in germany for the first time around 1708. but according to records, the first patent was registered by thomas frye, director of the 'bow porcelain factory' in london in 1748.

however, the best bone china artisans are still from jingdezhen, china.
for us, it's about preserving traditional manufacturing in collaboration with small family businesses and workshops. 

image of the 'MILK cup' designed by FUNDAMENTAL.



a fine selection of modern classic music.