If you are lucky, there is a host of great offline games you can play with those with whom you are locked down. However, you might want to play with friends and family that aren't close by. Here are 4 of our favourites, and a sneaky 5th, for which you don't need any partners at all...

Words With Friends. Basically scrabble, but with a very smart and enjoyable mobile interface, it's particularly nice to play across generations, as it doesn't require fast reactions and rewards a bit of thinking.


Cards Against Humanity is for when you want to be silly, make off colour jokes and cry laughing. Play it on a zoom call (optional), with another device onside.


Uno is a timeless classic, loved by kids and grownups alike. Speedy and lively, simple and fun. What's not to love.


Similar to Uno, with a slightly higher complexity grade and very cute graphics.


bonus feature (sneaky 5th)

T H E   M I N E C R A F T   L I B R A R Y 

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