You may have heard of the movement to banish tech from the bedroom, it has been around since about 2014. We here at the studio have tried various variations on the theme from time to time, and suggest the following revisions to the dogma, to make it easier to stick with.

Sometimes the answer to too much tech is more tech.

Get a nice quiet alarm clock. Braun is the classic to beat.

Bildergebnis für braun wecker
Another counterintuitive touch is to get a wifi-enabled TV (and keep it out of the bedroom). A lot of people under 40 don't have a TV, and use laptops or even mobiles to watch the must see shows of this golden age. If you watch more than 2 episodes a week, get a TV. There are some beautiful models out there (Samsung is the new Sony) and TVs are less pricey and a lot better than they used to be. Keep the TV out of your bedroom, set it up with Netflix and Amazon Prime and Youtube, and watch the great shows without distraction: never again take your laptop to bed for a shameful binge. Pro tip: don't connect it to network TV. That way you won't be able to turn it on and just let any old garbage wash over you. You will have to make a conscious choice of what to watch.
Bildergebnis für samsung serif
(shown above is the Samsung Serif)
Most importantly: get a Sonos or a bluetooth speaker for your bedside. That way you can setup a playlist, or an audio book or a podcast with a sleep timer, and leave your phone charging in the hallway while your favourite voice whispers in your ear. For those that don't enjoy reading, or want to share literary intake with thier partner, this is ideal.
Bildergebnis für sonos one sleep
(shown above is the Sonos One in limited colour by Hay)
We designed our FOLD SHELF with that last hack in mind, as it was the great comfort of podcasts and audio books that kept providing a pretext for allowing the phone to sneak back into the bedroom. Now the phone is sitting over the powerpoint just outside the bedroom, providing a home for the phones, and a haven of peace just beyond.