WHITE WINE SPRITZER - Fundamental.Berlin

This isn't so much a recipe as a reminder: now is the time of year to enjoy the fresh, cooling hangover-proof daytime drinking classic, the white wine spritzer.

For the classic spritzer, you just need some cold fresh white wine, Bergdolt does an excellent Grauburgunder (Pino Grigio) but a Weissburgunder (Pino Bianco) or Riesling are also great as a spritzer. Remeber that the water is important, something with a full, aggressive sparkle, low sodium content, and always from a glass bottle, never plastic.

We will be serving these at our opening on the 28th of April, courtesy of our favourite traditional German winery, Weingut Bergdolt.


For those interested in trying something new, try a sensationally fresh, spicy take on the spritzer.

In a large (1.5 litre) jug, mix one lime (quartered), one jalapeno pepper (thinly sliced), a handfull of corriander and a teaspoon of sugar.

Mush the ingredients at the bottom of the jug with ice cubes to draw out the flavours.

Pour in a bottle of excellent Bergdolt Riesling.

Top off with ice could sparkling water to taste.

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