GINGER CHICKEN WINGS - Fundamental.Berlin

The world cup is here, and for most of us that means fiddling with TVs and projectors and tending the grill in the back yard.

For those of us for who have had enough of cheap sausages, this is a simple and also economical alternative. (chicken wings are something of a by-product of the leg and breast preferences of most consumers) Perfect for big groups.

The principle is simple: chicken wings already have the fatty skin that makes them succulent and crunchy on a grill: all you need to do is help the flavour along by pre-marinading them with, all finely chopped:

fresh ginger

fresh garlic

fresh chilli or chilli paste

soy sauce

lemon or lime juice

and that's it!

The longer the marinade the better, but even an hour or so while the grill heats up is enough to infuse the sharp fresh flavours with the meat to create a delicious, healthy and guilt free outdoor summer treat. Serve garnished with spring onions and parsely if you want to impress.


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