that retro-utopian dream is very of the moment: we sense that one age has ended and a new world has yet to take shape.

it's on big screen in joel coen's reinterpretation of macbeth, in which the post-modern scenery really adds to the story, or in fashion week runway shows this spring showing collections inspired by a bygone era.

our take on is inspired by architecture and a mobile phone game (yes, really).


in 1973, architect ricardo bofill converted an abandoned cement factory from the first world war 'la fábrica' outside barcelona into his home and office.

his example masterfully answers the question of how to deal with obsolete factories, malls and offices.

photography ricardo bofill © taller de arquitectura

and paved the way for his architectual vision of large social building projects. "versailles for the people." - as some journalists like to call it.

like one of his first big projects 'walden-7' - the red-tiled building with 450 modest apartments, consisting of 18 towers arranged around 7 courtyards with turquoise-tiled bridges and balconies. a swimming pool on the roof made social housing sociable.

he died this january at the age of 82, having completed more than 1000 projects in over 30 countries.

photography 'la fábrica' © nacho alegre

3D Reconstruction about "La Fàbrica - Taller De Arquitectura" original project by Arch. Ricardo Bofill. A journey through the main areas of the building.


you can experience the dreamy symbolic spatial puzzles of ricardo bofill with a visit to the app store, or a visit to bareclona.

monument valley - an indie puzzle game released by ustwo games in 2014. as a player you wander through mazes of optical illusions and impossible objects while manipulating the world around you to reach various platforms. the puzzles are strangely easy but it doesn't matter, its about losing yourself in a beautiful world created by designer ken wong.

the game won an apple design award and was praised for its art and sound design.



sounds like the rise to something new, a bit experimental and yet with an eye to the musical past.

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