we have to say goodbye to summer soon, but we do so with a grand finale.
summer is a season defined by longing for water, to drink, for dry trees and plants, and for the body to plunge into for a spiritual rebirth.

the most luxurious option for narcissistic lounging by water? a swimming pool. status symbol and inspiration for several good films, art and pop-culture and a rather bad cocktail. the pool is often reinterpreted, but never out of fashion.

none of our products better embody our own relationship with water as our MUSE vase collection, which is a perfect visual feast for late summer.


the first known pool called 'the great bath' and dates back to at least 2500 b.c. swimming pools were used for bathing and religious ceremonies, health and socializing. 

the swimming pool as a private luxury had his comeback in the architectural modernism of the 1920s. the film industry boomed, stars were shown in magazines with visual cues for glamour and wealth. douglas fairbanks and mary pickford had a pool built in the garden of their 'pickfair' estate in 1919 in azure blue, setting the tone for the century.

finnish architect alvar aalto created the stunning 'villa mairea' in 1939, which was the starting shot for a more organic approach to modernism. the villa's curvaceous kidney pool had a huge influence on postwar american suburban dreams, and was much copied for a generation.

image of the ' villa mairea' by alvar aalto  © jussi koskinen / yle

today, there are pools in really all imaginable shapes and colours. bold and an eye-catching designs, like the newly built, publicly accessible pink swimming pool in merlbourne or as perfectly integrated into nature as possible without losing the attractive luxury, of course.

image of the pink pool in melbourne © derek swalwell for vogue


looks unreal, but it's real.
image of 'aenaon villas', santorini © george kroustallis

image of the 3d artwork 'summer escapism' © mue studio

image of a 3d cascade pool concept © davit & mary jilavyan / lemeal studio


image of melbourne's westgate park salt lake.

the pink pool in merlbourne is definitely a highlight, but also a symbol for more harmony with nature, because its source of inspiration lies in the many pink salt lakes that exist in western australia. 

but not only there, they exist all over the world: mexico, africa, even in europe in spain. all these lakes have a rosy colour and beautiful curved shapes, which are due to salt deposits, nature's own mathematics. because the salt makes them a perfect habitat for a unicellular alga. when the weather and water conditions are right, the alga produces pink or red cartenoids, basically a filter to protect its cells, which give the lake its special pink colour.
a bit like the very special ruby shade of our MUSE vases.


a selection of music for narcissistic lounging and doing nothing next to a lake or swimming pool.