we are excited to show you 2 new products, both variations on our ever popular DROPS candelabra, which are in stock just in time for christmas.
we got a lot of feedback on DROPS, with the main points being 'sometimes 4 candles are too much' and 'i find tealight so much cleaner and more convenience than traditional candles'.
we thrive on your feedback, really. we can't always implement the suggestions, but these 2 were very do-able. scroll down to the bottom to see the results.
as always, we give, our very dear newsletter readers, privileged access to our product releases, with a beautiful 20% off for the next 48 hours only.


"i want each piece to tell its own story."

if the name brahe seems familar to you, and you share our fascination for the overlap of science and nautre, you will be thinking of our hero's famous early modern era ancestor, tycho brahe.
he observed the rules behind the play of the stars, his descedant applies the same playful rules to the arrangement of the tiniest starts: diamonds and pearls.

what makes sophie bille brahe pieces so unique are the stories behind the designs. for brahe, pearls represent, for example, the love affair of the earth with the moon.

images © sohpie bille brahe



image of our DROPS tealight © anne deppe

our FUNDAMENTAL pearls are made out of 100% crystal glass, cast and cut from and milled and polished piece by piece. this ensures the distinctive brilliance of the heavy crystal glass. every item consists of crystal spheres bonded with a special dual-pigmented bond that create a stunning visual effect. this is what makes our DROPS design objects so luxurious and bold.

get 20% introductory discount on our DROPS collection including our two newest designs with the discount code PEARLS at checkout.
hurry, the offer will expire on sunday.




a classic jewellery of music that will never be out of fashion.

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