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Memento Amare = Remember to love.

Valentines day is coming.

If it was up to us, it would be about finding one or more people you really cherish, spending a night in, with all phones locked in a box, steaks frying gently on a cast iron skillet, giving each other full, undivided loving attention.

However, for some of you, it might be a good idea to arrange a little phyisical token of affection, or treat yourself, as a little memento amare. 

Because you can always count on a helping hand from us, we will ship all of these little beauties to you FOR FREE if you order with the discount code that was mentioned in our monthly newsletter.


PENROSE TRAY: this little beauty goes on the desk or in the bathroom, holding a few pens or accessories in place, and reminding your sweetheart of your gentle loving care every time they glance down from the screen or mirror.






SHAPE FRAMES: Give a small little photo (a passport shot, or part of a group photo) a big impact with these three frames that make a striking geometric statement. Fold out the flaps to make the 2D into a 3D frame. Pro tip: sneak a foto of yourself in there, but don't fold out the flaps, so that when your mother or girfriend gets the frame, and folds out the flaps, she sighs. In a good way.






BENZIN VASE: Lets face it, Valentines Day should probably involve flowers, no matter who you are spending it with. Roses on the 14th of February are just for Oligarch's mistresses, other flowers are available. No vase better holds a fistfull of blooms than the Benzin Wide vase.





Delivery is free on these (or any other) gifts before February 5th for subscribers to our newsletter, If you're not a subscriber, but would like to be, send me a mail at and I'll put you on the list for next month and reveal the discount code for this month.


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