rich, bold, luxurious and fresh: this is the effect of magenta and gold.

we take a deeper look at this classic colour combo loved equally at indian weddings and in the vatican.
it has also been fascination for our long running fundamental hero yves klein. the combination of these two colors has a history and a power that might surprise you.



we have already brought up klein as a huge influence on our work, but some heroes are so big they deserve a second take. klein is our first ever superhero double feature.

the first colour we associate with klein is his famous deep indigo blue. he proposed his blue in combination with magenta and gold as part of an eternal triptych. 

on a pilgrimage to the saint rita monastery in cascia he brought a plexiglas box divided into compartments containing blue and pink pigments, gold, and a handwritten prayer.

from then on, the combination of these 3 colours was an integral part of his art and a recurring element.



kleins color theory was drawn from his attachment to rosacrucianism, an eclectic 17th cult that combined elements of egyptian and persian traditions with early modern era christianity.

combining magenta and gold unleashes a powerful mix of contrasts. magenta is about zeal, audacity and new beginnings. gold is old, established, wise and stately: a strange play of power and luxury.

it is a very old combination that the roman catholic chruch took over from roman imperial and byzantine color theory. indian weddings have also clad the bride in this color combo for millennia, dazzling with this intoxicating mix of old and new energy.




bring that bold, bright, iconic look to your hallway or coffee table with our new GRAVITY magenta & gold series.
ideal as a bowl for fruits or just as an interior statement.
the individual fins are etched and powder coated in a family run factory just outside venice, before being brought to a social workshop here in berlin, where they are assembled under the supervison of expert craftsmen.

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