alongside new york, paris or berlin, london is one of the liveliest and most exciting metropolises in the world and now also part of our CITIES collection.
how we choose a city?
structures, patterns and the map of a city is one reason. the more exciting, the better. on the other hand: desirability. who wouldn't want to have visited london at least once in their life, with its many cultures and subcultures. of course exciting for us as a design studio, where design, art, architecture and pop culture seem to reinvent themselves inexhaustibly.

here is the link to our entire CITIES collection with MANHATTAN, ROMA, PARIS, BERLIN and new LONDON.


product image © alina pál

wander the streets of london in your mind.
from hyde park and green park, to kensington and the east end, lose yourself in our newest solid brass city maps, shaped into everyday design objects.

made in italy, assembled to their final form at a non-profit workshop in berlin.

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product image © alina pál

if you are planning a trip to london and are still looking for a suitable companion - not for you, but for your new LONDON bookmark - then we have a few recommendations for you.

london has many cosy and historic bookshops. For example "hatchards", one of the oldest in the world, or "daunt books", which seems to be especially popular, even with natalie portman. dount books' doesn't sort books by category, but by country. also nice: "cecil court", where one small, personal bookshop is next to the other. 

if you want to combine your book hunt with a coffee break, you can do so at the 'common press', which is part of glass house london. very hipster-like, there are magazines and especially relationship status euphoric titles. less cosy, but with a view: the cafe on the top floor of 'waterstones piccadilly', the bookshop with the most famous signings, for example of andy murray, jj abrams or (why not) keanu reeves.

our personal favourite: the 'southbank centre book market' right under the waterloo bridge.

image of the 'cecil court' by evi colson
image the of 'southbank centre book market' by em r



nothing against the old classics, but we tried our hand at a new interpretation in the form of indie-rock-pop and electropop.

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