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this autumn went by fast, winter came quickly.
smaller cosy dinners, a thoughtful present for a friend,  not because it's christmas, but to express a timeless and deeply held affection.
today we offer your a gift guide with some of our bestsellers that you can use to treat your loved ones or yourself... 


image of our large REGENBOGEN bowl © melville design
gifting is a pleasure for both parties, the giver and the getter. it shows that you have held someone in your thoughts, and picked something out that reflects the way you see them, and which will in turn serve as a daily reminder of you.

we made a small selection of our best loved, most popular objects that often are bought as gifts. or click here to see ALL our products.

whether it is the sensational shimmer of our REGENBOGEN CRYSTAL pieces, the gentle sparkle of the FRAGMENTS tree ornaments or the strong statement of the PUSH centrepiece, you can bring some thoughtful glamour to any room.

the SALT salt shaker is the perfect talking piece for the dining table, the GRAVITY and POMPIDOU trays express the pull of gravity in a playful way, and the ECLIPSE lamp gives a focal point and a golden glow.

images of our FRAGMENTS by content creator © victoria askerow



gifting cements cultural traditions and social ties among friends, family and communities. traditions evolve with time, but some cultures have their own unique, fascinating rules that are still important.

no scissors and knives should be given as a present in east asia, brazil, italy, peru, switzerland and germany. apparently giving an umbrella to someone in china means you want the end the relationship. in hong kong clocks are forbidden, because of their association with mortality, and forget about handing over a potted plant in japan it encourages illness.

at least something is the same all over the world: everyone loves their gift wrapped, it removes the feeling of a mere transaction and adds a sense of occasion.



we also covered your back with hours and hours of electronic jazz to get in the right mood; alone or with guests.

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