We fell in love with innocent, unblemished creamy white porcelain, and we developed the cups to be non staining and dishwasher  safe.

But not everything  around the house is so easy to keep clean.

We tackle some of the heavy hitting issues.


White Sofas

You can do it! If you think you can manage to wash the covers once a quarter.

That means you should buy a practical sofa with easy zip on zip off covers.

Some tips: you can soak them in cold water with bleach first, to really freshen them up, and treat stains with a strong spot cleaner. Put the covers back on the couch while they are still slightly wet, and the creases will stretch out., it will look like new, 4 times a year.

If you got your couch from IKEA, you can always get high quality, well priced replacement covers from a company like Bemz. Sometimes just knowing that a great replacement cover is a  few clicks away will relax you around your sofa.

Furniture should be lived on!


White Rugs

You can get away with white rugs, but only if they are small enough to get into a washer (about 7-9kg). So if you have to have white carpets, that look great on instagram, but can be hard to actually live with, get a few small ones, rather than one large one.


White Walls

Pro tip: ignore all the expensive 'hint of' off whites, and buy the most popular, best selling chalky white in your region, and then get a little tub or tube of retouch paint from the same brand. That ways kids little handprints, and scuffmarks and all the rest of it can be dealt with on the spot, withouth brushes and hassle.

Again, even if you don't always retouch, knowing that you can is a big relief.


The secret to white is to go super generic.

In general, it is much easier to live with patterns than with solid colors, as they hide stains and rips. That much is true. If you don't like patterns, then white is considered the hardest color to keep clean.

However, if you stay generic, white has some advantages, as with the paint and the IKEA sofas. Another advantage white has over colors is that you can always bleach. So white actually ends up being one of the easier solid colors to manage if you're smart and flexible about it.



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