5 EARLY GIFTS - Fundamental.Berlin

We reccomend that you use the relative calm of November to think of the 5 people closest to you and take the time to think of the small tokens of affection that you think might put a smile on thier face and inject a bit of beauty into thier day to day.

Before the hysteria of Christmas kicks off, and everyone is dashing about with something for everying, this is an opportunity to be specific, thoughtful, and possibly even economical.


Here is our staff pick of 5 treasured gifts for close friends and family:







This stylish, shimering blue storage jar is perfect for the friend who could use a little order and glamor on thier desk or in the bathroom.








This delicate little wonder of filligree is perfect for that friend or family member that may have gone to college, back to work after time off, or started a new job recently. Give them something charming and practical so they can think nice thoughts in times of stress or boredom.








This brilliantly cut and polished crystal is bonded with pigments that disolve into each other like a Mark Rothko painting. It provides a great talking point for a dining table or mantlepiece, and is practical and easy to clean, as well as having a satisfying heavyness.









This delicalte stainless steel shelf is cut from a single piece of mirror polished steel and can be hung above and electric socket to provide a place to charge mobile phones. It can be hung outside the bedroom to keep at least one room screen-free and peaceful.








We made a glass tea pot to make 4 cups of tea, that's two cups for two. Perfect for a good chat, and a very good reason to gift it to someone you would like to talk with more. It is a simple and practical design, dishwasher and microwave, proof and easy to clean and pours well.

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