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As designers, a large part of our work is visual, spatial or physical, which leaves a lot of time for consuming audio content while we work.

We thought we'd share 4 very different podcasts with you that feature female voices prominently that we listen to while we work, because we believe that women are sometimes overlooked in the tech-heavy world of podcasts.

These podcasts have nothing to do with design (that might contaminate our own work) but instead open up a world for us of far away people and big ideas that are inspiring in a more indirect way.



1) Hurry Slowly with Jocelyn K. Glei 

This podast has a lot of beautiful and inspiring messages to consider about how to be more deliberate in life and how to value the process of becomming. It is the perfect antidote to milennial axiety and task paralisys. A favourite recent episode had been on having meaningful gatherings, but don't tell anyone you listened, or they will have unrealistic expectations of any dinner parties or meetings you invite them to.




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2) Rationally Speaking with Julia Galef

This is an interesting and often thought provoking collection of interviews, some of which tend toward a perhaps uncomfortably libertarian angle, others of which are deeply philosophical. They are always thoughtful, rigorous and keenly invested in getting at a fact based truth, no matter how hard or even impossible that tast might be. Even when one dissagrees with the conclusion, the work done to get there is a delight to consider.

An nice easy to digest one is about thinking in bets.



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3) Recode Decode with Kara Swisher

This stallwart of the silicon valley tech scene has been reporting on the companies that shape our on screen lives for more than 20 years. Her grumpy, impatient style soon becomes endearing, she's never afraid to call bullshit on flowery language or weak resoning. Also it's nice to have the feeling of a sneak peek behind the scenes at the 21st century's dream factory.The most thought provoking recent episode of this long running show is an interview with Anand Girrdhardas about the elite charade of philanthropy and the moral vacuum of events like Davos.



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4) On Being with Krista Tippett

This show might more accurately be called 'On Poetry'. Krista Tippett is an American broadcaster who spent formative years reporting from East Germany, where she fell in love with the work of Rilke. Her weekly radio show is often but not always a rambling interview with a poet or thinker, where the nature of life, love and friendship are explored anectodally and intellectually. Last spring's episode with Michael Longley is a great jumping off point, as it will also give a poetic, humanistic, non-partisan insight into the conflict in Northern Ireland that is so much in the news again these days.


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