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Solve your lighting conundrum:

You want warm, soft light, but you also want a light that is strong enough to read by.

You want a sense of fun and play, but you're no longer in student dorms and you can't just hang fairy lights on a houseplant and hope for the best.

The vine lamp is the answer. Its 5 energy efficient LED bulbs have been carefully chosen by us to balance out a soft, warm twinkle. There are fun red and yellow drop bulbs, 2 low wattage clear bulbs for the sparkle without blinding, and one large warm white globe (with real opal glass) to provide soft even light for reading.

They are all standard E27 bulbs, so you can swap them out as you please.

As a light designed to hang in the corner of a room, it replaces a standing lamp, with the advantage that you can't knock it over and it doesn't take up valuable floor space.

So embrace the sense of grown-up sprezzatura by hanging a VINE in the corner of your bedroom or living room, and enjoy the feeling of hitting the balance just right.

  • L 350 x W 15 cm (cable hangs 3.5m from ceiling by hook, included)
  • White rubberised cable
  • PE fittings and E27 compatible
  • light bulbs included, EU plug.

switch not included, there are several options you might consider:

basic switch: operate the unit at the base.

remote control switch: control all the lights in your room.

floor switch: easy operation by foot, the most ergonomic.

voice controlled: for google home and alexa- live in the future.



Why choose us?

designed by fundamental in berlin

gunnar and steve have been fascinated by mathematics, patterns and nature since we were children. making these designs and working out how to manufacture them as responsibly and affordably as possible has been our life's work.

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