MILK - DISH - Fundamental.Berlin
MILK - DISH - Fundamental.Berlin
MILK - DISH - Fundamental.Berlin


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The MILK collection is a group of plain, ultra matte white cylinders and disks that can be combined to make a striking centrepiece for your dining or coffee table.

The DISH: A for serving or storage.

This dish is made from biscuit porcelain: an unglazed, white bone china with a matte appearance and sublime chalky texture. 

Biscuit porcelain was widely used in European and Chinese pottery for sculptural and decorative objects, most notably at Sèvres in the late 1700s.

We made this dish to be dishwasher safe: It is baked twice at around 1400 °C which makes the material extremely dense, so nothing can attack the surface. Coffee, tea and wine do not stain, making this rare and refined texture available for daily use. Acids like vinegar help to clean the surface when necessary.

Ideal around the kitchen, or for bits and pieces in the bathroom.

Oven, dishwasher and microwave safe.


Diameter 18 cm

Height 4 cm


Biscuit porcelain


Made in China.

Why choose us?

designed by fundamental in berlin

gunnar and steve have been fascinated by mathematics, patterns and nature since we were children. making these designs and working out how to manufacture them as responsibly and affordably as possible has been our life's work.

a team effort

small, lean and passionately committed, our team designs specially for our manufacturers, who work in family owned operations. we believe in long term relationships. by buying FUNDAMENTAL you are supporting innovative, responsible design directly at the source. to thank you, our international team works hard to deliver you the best german design and quality.

made with care

handmade with traditional techniques, or precision engineered at high tech facilities, we mix the best of the new and the old to bring you timeless pieces to treasure for a lifetime.